NAMM 2024: all new effects pedals

NAMM 2024

NAMM 2024, one of the biggest music gear trade shows in the world, is held from the 25th to the 28th of January 2024 in sunny California.

NAMM is the venue where manufacturers launch new products. We have collected all the new effects pedals that will be launched at this show. Below we present an overview of the most important news in the field of guitar pedals and effects, with a particular focus on the brands that we sell.

Effects pedals of the NAMM 2024

Beetronics released the Abelha Tropical Fuzz. Through the psychedelic soundscapes of tropicália, fuzz has made its mark on brazil’s musical journey., which means “bee” in portuguese, captures the very essence and vintage allure of this tropical fuzz phenomenon. It reimagines this classic vibe, infusing it with a forward-thinking twist, destined to become a timeless classic for the future.

Beetronics Abelha Tropical Fuzz

Catalinbread released a new version of the Naga Viper, the Catalinbread Naga Viper MKII. The newest version of the Viper has an added attenuator knob. This control acts like a level control for everything in front of the Naga Viper, letting you shave some heat from the incoming signal before it runs through the proverbial gears of the booster. This leads to less saturation and undesirable effects and more treble-boosting goodness going into your amp.

Earthquaker designed a new pedal for bass players. Earthquaker Devices Blumes is an all-analog tri-mode soft clipping bass overdrive that carries the torch of the classic screamer circuit but has a voice all its own. While embodying most of the characteristics and features of the beloved Plumes Small Signal Shredder, this modified circuit has double the gain and a deeper bass response to retain all the low end. It utilizes internal bipolar power, which gives you more dynamics and all the headroom you could ever desire.

Earthquaker Devices Blumes

The Afterneath Eurorack Module brings the Otherworldly sounds from the effects pedal world right into your modular synthesizer with an expanded feature set.

Gamechanger Audio unveiled the MOD Series, a fusion of classic pedal design with the world of modular synthesis.  With every MOD Series pedal – your performance becomes part of the sound effect. Your touch, your playing dynamics, your note choice, become the architects of sound, shaping tones and textures that respond to your performance and evolve in real-time.

Gamechanger Audio MOD Series

MXR desgined a new stereo delay: MXR Joshua Ambient Echo is your ticket to sonic sanctuaries, featuring a foundation of carefully concocted tones and textures, highly customizable delay, and other features to help you craft soundscapes worthy of tonal trips out of the ’60s and ’70s and ethereal ambience from the ’80s.

Neural DSP comes with a free desktop controller for the Quad Cortex: Cortex Control, a very comprehensive editor for both Windows and Mac. In addition, Neural DSP has released a new version of Archetype Gojira plugin, Archetype Gojira X.

Neural DSP Archetype Gojira X

Red Panda heeft een nieuw pedaal uitgebracht met de naam Red Panda Radius. Radius is een ringmodulator en frequentieverschuiver met pitch-tracking en een geavanceerde LFO. Het pedaal is ontworpen rond een nieuw algoritme dat soepel overgaat van ringmodulatie naar frequentieverschuiving en verschillende frequentieverhoudingen mogelijk maakt voor de hogere en lagere tonen. Het is op dit moment nog onduidelijk of, en zo ja wanneer, deze door ons kan worden geleverd.

Red Panda Radius

Source Audio has a new preamp, ZIO Analog Bass Preamp + DI is an ultra low-noise all-analog tone shaping tool voiced specifically for bass. This pedal sounds great in front of an amplifier, but also creates beautiful, amp-like tones when routed directly to a front-of-house mixer or recording interface via its XLR Direct Out with ground lift.

Source Audio ZIO Bass Preamp

Tech 21 collaborated with Frank Bello of Anthrax and created the Sansamp Streetdriver 48. The preamp/overdrive pedal for bassplayers has a simple user interface. The pedal contains a DI output that provides you with a balanced output signal. In addition to the usual Level, Drive, High and Low controls, there is also a Ground Control switch to eliminate ground loop hum.

Vox has a great number of new pedals. They release four new pedals in the Valvenergy Series as well as three new Wah pedals. The Wah pedals faithfully recreate the first two production wah pedals of the same company. They come in the form of VRM-1 and the V846 Vintage. Nicknamed ‘The Real McCoy’, the VRM-1 is a recreation of the original wah pedal produced by Vox in 1967. The VRM-1 recreates the tonality of the first-ever wah pedal, and there is a sparkling all-chrome version as well: the VRM-1 Limited.

Vox Vintage Wah Pedals

Walrus Audio has a couple of new effects pedals,  Walrus Audio Silt Harmonic Tube Fuzz is a 2-in-1 fuzz that creates massively rich tones perfect for chords and rhythmic parts. This pedal is based around a real 12AU7 preamp tube. Te Silt boasts an analog circuit with the distinctive warmth of a tube as its drive section, letting you explore a unique and wild sonic landscape.

Walrus Audio Silt Fuzz

Walrus Audio also released Walrus Audio Meraki. Last year during Black Friday, the limited edition Meraki Blacked Out was released. This new Meraki delay is now a permanent part of the Walrus line-up. It’s a great analog bucket brigade delay.

Other new effects pedals of the NAMM 2024

Other pedals released during the NAMM 2024 are the Chase Bliss Lossy, GRND CTRL UwU virtual pet buffer, Fender Switchboard Effects Operator, Mooer Harmony X2 en Tender Octaver X2, Ibanez Tube Screamer 808 45th Anniversary, Ibanez Pentatone EQ and Ibanez Pentatone Gate.

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