Effects Pedals

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Showing 1–32 of 1317 results

Effect pedals

Effects pedals give you as a guitarist or bass guitarist the ultimate freedom over your sound. With the right guitar effects, you can create just about any famous guitar or bass sound from pop and rock music history. Imagine yourself in heaven with a nice reverb or come back to earth and let your guitar breathe fire with a nice overdrive or distortion. The possibilities are endless, there is a suitable pedal for everyone, whether you are a starting guitarist or a seasoned professional.

The first effects pedals

With the development of the electronic transistor it became possible to make smaller and smaller devices. The first effects pedalĀ  made in 1962 was the Maestro Fuzz Tone. The sound of this pedal is best known for the Rolling Stones hit “I Can’t Get No Satisfaction”. Warwick made the first Wah pedal in 1967: The Clyde McCoy. Kelsey-Morris Sound developed the first octave effect in 1967. Jimi Hendrix called this pedal “Octavio”. In the 1970s and 1980s, many effects were added. At the end of the 1990s, the first digitalĀ effects pedals were created, which further expanded the possibilities.

Many different guitar effects

In addition to reverberations and overdrives, there are many different effects on the market today. Make your guitar sound wide with a chorus, flanger or phaser or tame your guitar with a compressor. Also take a look at a pitch sifter, rotary or filter.

Choose the perfect effect pedal

Pedaltown has the perfect guitar pedal or bass guitar pedal for you. There is a very wide choice of renowned brands, but also so-called boutique pedal makers such as Chase Bliss, Gamechanger Audio, Meris and Pettyjohn. Also take a look at the MIDI pedals from Morningstar FX, with which you control pedals that are equipped with MIDI.