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A preamp pedal is a flexible addition to your equipment, ensuring a consistent sound no matter what amp you play. A preamp often consists of a gain, volume and an EQ section with which you can adjust your signal completely to your liking. Some preamps have a built-in overdrive and/or direct out that allows you to send the signal directly to a mixer or sound card.

What are the advantages of a preamp pedal?
First of all, you can fine-tune your sound with it. There is an additional EQ on the pedal that allows you to emphasize precisely those frequency ranges that are so characteristic of your sound.
You also get an extra gain with which you can overdrive your amplifier. Or you can use it as an extra overdrive in addition to your amp’s overdrive.

If you use different guitars on stage, you can compensate for the differences between these guitars with a preamp. Finally, it ensures that you have a consistent sound with every performance. This is especially useful if you use different amplifiers.

Some preamps use one or more tubes in the circuit. Other pedals use transistors. Whichever you use, you’ll notice that your sound improves!