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Showing 1–32 of 57 results

Power supply for guitar pedals

Many people underestimate the importance of a proper power supply for guitar pedals. A power supply provides your guitar pedals with a constant current. It also ensures that you no longer have to use batteries. In addition, you can often easily attach one for guitar pedals to your pedalboard. That saves you a lot of time when connecting your pedals during performances.

We offer both entry-level and professional power supplies. We have brands such as Voodoo Lab, Cioks, Strymon, Walrus Audio and MXR. In addition to standard 9 volts many of these units also provide unconventional voltages such as 12 and 18 volts. Most of our units have isolated outputs so that the power supply can never be the cause of hum or other unwanted noises caused by ground loops. Furthermore, isolated outputs are safer for your guitar pedals because no other voltage can come to your output.

When buying one, pay attention to the amount of power that can be delivered per output. Digital guitar pedals require more power than, say, an analog fuzz pedal. In this case, the pedal draws the current that is needed from the unit and the pedal will not draw more than necessary. So you can safely connect a pedal to one that supplies more power. But if the output does not supply enough current, the pedal will not work (properly).

Are you looking for a good power supply for guitar pedals, then look no further!