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  • Meris LVX

    Meris LVX Modular Delay System

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  • ElectroHarmonixStereoLooper

    Electro Harmonix 1440 Stereo Looper

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  • MXR Clone Looper

    MXR Clone Looper

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  • ElectroHarmonixLooper

    Electro Harmonix Looper 360

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  • Electro Harmonix Nano Canyon

    Electro Harmonix Nano Canyon

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  • Electro Harmonix Grand Canyon

    Electro Harmonix Grand Canyon

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  • Red Panda Tensor

    Red Panda Tensor

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  • Gamechanger Audio Plus Pedal w. Footswitch

    Gamechanger Audio Plus Pedal w. Footswitch

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  • Digitech Whammy Ricochet effectpedaal

    DigiTech TRIO+ Band Creator with Looper

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  • Gamechanger Audio Plus Pedaal

    Gamechanger Audio Plus Pedal

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Showing all 10 results


Looper pedal
A looper is a commonly used guitar effect. You can use it as a practice pedal where you guide yourself, as it were. You can also make simple or very complicated compositions with it, live on stage or in your attic. Ed Sheeran has become very well known for it.

What is a looper?
A looper is a digital effects pedal that records and stores your signal. Many loopers offer the option of recording multiple pieces of audio and playing them over each other. It is often the case that you can still delete the last recorded loop and play it in again. And many loopers have 1 or more presets where you can save the loop.

What differences are there?
There are very simple loopers with only one button that often do not allow you to save more than one loop. There are also very extensive ones where you can create, create and save entire compositions in one of the available presets. In addition, delay pedals in the more expensive segment often also have the option to record a signal.