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  • EBS Stanley Clarke Wah/Tone Filter

    EBS Stanley Clarke Wah/Tone Filter

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  • Electro Harmonix Pan Pedal

    Electro Harmonix Pan Pedal

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  • ErnieBallVPJRk

    Ernie Ball VP Jr 250k

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With a volume pedal you let the sound of your guitar swell or die out. It’s often just a little easier to do that with your foot than with your hand on the volume knob on your guitar. Although not every guitarist might think the same.

With a volume pedal you bring a lot of dynamics into your playing. You can create an exciting build-up in your song or make your guitar sound like a violin. You do the latter by quickly opening the pedal just after you touch your guitar.

You can place the pedal at the beginning of your signal chain or at the end. At the beginning of your chain, the pedal has the same function as your guitar’s volume knob. You then get control over the input of your overdrive pedals and the amount of distortion. However, you have no control over the decay time of effects such as delay and reverb. The pedal at the end of your chain gives you the most control over all your effects.