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Showing 1–32 of 171 results

Accessories for your guitar

In addition to an electric guitar and an amplifier, there are more accessories that can make playing the guitar more fun or easier.

First of all, it is necessary to connect your guitar to your amplifier with an instrument cable. You won’t get that far without cable. In addition to instrument cables, you may need a cable between your effects pedals. Or a MIDI cable or cable that connects an expression pedal to an effects pedal. And then there are all kinds of adapter cables that you may need and/or a cable for power.

Accessories for your pedalboard
You can choose to put your effects pedals on a pedalboard. You probably want to be able to safely take them with you to rehearsals and performances. We have various suitcases and bags that are suitable for this. You can choose a carrying bag or a reliable flight case (hard case).

Other accessories
In addition, we have a large number of different parts that can make life as a guitarist just that little bit easier. We sell Velcro straps, pedal risers that allow you to slightly raise your pedals on a pedalboard, patchbays, mounting kits and have all kinds of accessories for specific brands.