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Power Amp

Power amp pedals are a nice addition to the wide range of guitar effects available at the moment. These are good times for us guitarists. The range of equipment that makes your guitar signal even better is overwhelming at the moment. It’s never been easier to create your favorite guitar sound, and at the same time, some of us can’t see the wood for the trees anymore.

With the advent of digital modeling technology, a completely new category of guitar pedals has emerged. I’m talking about so-called power amp guitar pedals. They are versatile, reliable and highly portable mini guitar pedal amps.

A power amp pedal is an alternative to a conventional amplifier. You connect your guitar and speaker to the pedal and you’re done. Despite its small size, such a pedal can deliver a decent amount of power. Some pedals even deliver 170 watts of power.

However, most pedals deliver a few watts and are super portable and perfect for gaming situations where a powerful amp isn’t necessarily needed. Think of the stage, in the studio or as a backup. You take the pedal in your backpack to your performance and you no longer have to lug around heavy equipment. However, don’t forget to bring your speaker.