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Rockboard MOD 1 V2 is a simple all-in-one patchbay for RockBoard pedalboards with a new, refreshed design, and compact housing. Utilizing the MOD slot on all new RockBoards (except the DUO series), they provide various cable connections to fit a wide variety of needs as a convenient patchbay.

With the RockBoard MODs you can permanently connect your pedals underneath your board and organize all connections to and from your effects setup in one convenient module. The RockBoard MODs provide a central access point from your instrument to your amp, as well as your power supply via IEC, and a 2.1 x 5.5 barrel thru power connector.

The RockBoard MOD 1 V2 is a pass-thru box especially designed for guitar and bass players. It can also be used to run several pedals from your board through the effects loop of your amp, or as a central access point to your pedalboard via its 4x TRS thru connections. The XLR thru connection can be used as signal output from your pedalboard to the console or PA.

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  • Type: MOD Patchbay for Rockboard
  • Model: Patchbay
  • Suitable for: Rockboard pedalboards with MOD slot
  • Inputs/output: 5 x TRS, 1 x XLR, 1 x AC IEC, 1 x DC (2.1 x 5.5mm) barrel
  • Power Supply: N.a.
  • Details: All in- and outputs are mirrored on both sides

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MOD Patchbay


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