Aclam Support Fuel Tank


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Aclam Support Fuel Tank is a mounting kit for a T-Rex Fuel Tank Jr power supply. If you own this popular power supply don’t think twice, it will hold and protect with no waste of space. Specially designed to fit the Fuel Tank Jr power supply, it is the preferred choice for one-tracked pedalboard users (XS1 & S1).

Made of anodized aluminum, the Fuel Tank Jr power supply support will protect the power unit with its adapted casing, which allows safe cable routing. The whole structure is lightweight and compatible with many of Aclam’s smart accessories, such as cable management, tiers and cases.

As most of Aclam’s accessories, the Fuel Tank Jr power supply support attaches to the pedalboard’s grooves using two thumb screws, making it easy to place, remove or even slide along the groove until the desired position.

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  • Type: Aclam Mounting Kit for T-Rex Fuel Tank Jr
  • Model: T-Rex
  • Suitable for: All Aclam pedalboards
  • Colour: Black
  • Details: 1 bracket, 2 fasteners
  • Made in: SPA

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