Pedaltrain True Fit Mounting Kit PT-TFMK-LG


Expected date of shipment 28 September

Pedaltrain True Fit Mounting Kit PT-TFMK-LG is the next generation in universal brackets. The True Fit Mounting Kit is available in two sizes, designed to fit Pedaltrain’s various pedalboard collections perfectly.

The new two-way “Flip Flop” design provides more options than ever to mount power supplies, wireless units, direct boxes, and more under your Pedaltrain. Comes with everything you need to mount including screws and velcro.

These brackets are comparable with:
Classic JR
Classic 1
Classic 2
Classic 3
Classic Pro

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  • Type: Mounting Kit
  • Model: PT-TFMK-LG
  • Compatible with: Pedaltrain Classic series
  • Color: Black
  • Details: 2 brackets, 4 screws, 2 strips hook-and-loop
  • Made in: USA

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