Gamechanger Audio Mod Series Chorus


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Gamechanger Audio Mod Series Chorus is a stereo chorus with a number of innovative and unique possibilities from the world of modular synthesis.

Each pedal has two modulation sources that you control with your performance. The DYNAMICS follows the volume nuances of your playing. It captures the character of your picking style and your instrument’s loudness and decay. The PITCH tracker, on the other hand, detects note choices, bends, and vibratos. You wield the power to route these modulations to any of the four effect knobs and set the parameters in motion.

Customize the modulation with the DYNAMICS and PITCH knobs along with dedicated mode switches. Adjust the DYNAMICS decay time, introduce glide to PITCH tracking, and tailor the response curves to suit your playing style and the desired effect. Each of the primary effect knobs is paired with a corresponding smaller modulation amount knob, also known as an attenuverter. This allows you to precisely dial in the modulation amount and the direction for each effect knob independently.

Imagine the dynamic possibilities – a loud strum on a guitar can turn one knob clockwise significantly, while only slightly nudging another knob in the opposite direction.. Explore the subtleties, from gentle parameter shifts to sweeping, full-parameter transformations.

The chorus has 3 algorithms: CHORUS, ENSEMBLE and FLANGE which can be controlled with 4 knobs: LEVEL, DEPTH, RATE and FEEDBACK. There are also 3 shapes: SAWTOOTH, SINE and RAMP. The pedal needs a 9 volts standard Boss style power supply (not included) and draws 250 mA current.

Gamechanger Audio Mod Series Chorus demo video

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  • Effect: Chorus
  • Design: Digital
  • Mono/Stereo: Mono/Stereo In, Mono/Stereo Out, Track In, Track Out, MIDI In, USB C, 4 x IN, 4 x OUT
  • Knobs: Level, Rate, Depth, Feedback, Dynamics, Pitch
  • Switches: EU/Inst/Line, Level, Shape, Chorus/Ensemble/Flange
  • Bypass Mode: n.a.
  • Power Supply: 9V DC, center negative (not included)
  • Power Consumption: 250 mA
  • Works on batteries: No
  • Format: Medium
  • Made in: Letland

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Dimensions 15,2 × 10,2 × 7,5 cm



Gamechanger Audio






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