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Walrus Audio Fable Granular Soundscape Generator produces unique soundscapes ranging from smooth, flowing ambience to bizarre, organic reverberance.

The pedal gives you five all-new programs centered around sample and chop delay algorithms to create bizarrely beautiful networks of sampled and resampled sounds. The Fable uses a powerful dual DSP architecture to combine delay programs in series with granular sampling algorithms, each with its own analog feedback path.

Granular is a digital processing technique of micro-sampling, wherein short samples called grains are read from a delay buffer. You can adjust these grains by manipulating their sampling length, position, and buffer size from which they’re read.

They can be played at double or half speed for pitch shift and time stretching effects, play them in reverse, read from multiple positions, and more, in order to achieve different effects.

The pedal has 5 programs, each with different combination of reverse delay and reverb:

  • Reverse delay in reverse granular
  • Forward delay in octave omhoog granular
  • Analoge delay in octave omlaag granular
  • Multi-tap granular in multi-tap granular
  • Forward delay in randomized pitch delay

Walrus Audio Fable demo video

In stock

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  • Effect: Delay/Reverb
  • Design: Digital
  • Mono/Stereo: Mono In, Mono Out
  • Knobs: Feedback, Regen, Mod, Mix, X, Time, Tone, Program
  • Modes: 5 programs
  • Switches: Tap
  • Bypass Mode: Buffered Bypass
  • Power Supply: 9V DC, center negative
  • Power Consumption: 300 mA
  • Works on batteries: No
  • Format: Medium
  • Made in: USA

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Delay, Reverb


Mono In / Mono Out


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