Neo Micro Vent 122


Expected date of shipment 17 April

Neo Micro Vent 122 from Neo Instruments is modeled after the Leslie 122 rotary speaker. The algorithm simulates the classic micing technique with one mic for the horn and one mic for the drum rotor. The distance of both mics can be varied with the DISTANCE pot. Just like the monstrous original, the micro Vent 122 sounds rich and complex with deep movement and modulation. Perfect for rotary sounds that shall stand out.

The pedaal has four knobs: Speed, Ramp, Blend and Distance.
SPEED adjusts the initial Speed of the micro Vent. The range is from Slow to Fast while intermediate Speeds are also possible.
DISTANCE controls the placing of the virtual microphones. Closer distances result in deeper amplitude modulation.
RAMP controls acceleration and deceleration of the rotors when changing Speeds.
BLEND mixes the dry input signal with the effect signal. The dry signal always stays analog and latency free.

The micro Vent has two adjustable speeds. Speed 1 is controlled with a pot and ranges continuously from Slow to Fast, providing intermediate speeds as well; Speed 2 is selected via a 3-way switch featuring the standard speeds – Slow, Fast and Stop. S

pecial SWITCH MODES provide flexible switching, e.g. from Slow to Fast, Fast to Slow, Slow to Stop, Stop to Fast, etc. The combinations are almost limitless.The RAMP parameter determines acceleration and deceleration between the two speeds. You will never get tired of listening to the rotors spooling up and down, recreating the sounds that made the originals so glorious.

Neo Micro Vent 122 demo video

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  • Effect: Leslie 122 Rotary Cabinet Simulator
  • Design: Digital
  • Mono/Stereo: Mono In, Mono Out
  • Knobs: Speed, Ramp, Blend, Distance
  • Modes: –
  • Switches: Speed2
  • Bypass Mode: True/Buffered Bypass
  • Power Supply: 9V DC, Center negative
  • Power Consumption: 180 mA
  • Works on batteries: No
  • Type of Battery: –
  • Format: Standard
  • Made in: GER

Additional information

Weight 0,24 kg
Dimensions 11,3 × 6,5 × 4,7 cm



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