DSM & Humboldt Simplifier DLX (B-Stock)


DSM & Humboldt Simplifier DLX is an easy way to integrate your pedalboard with dual channel, full stereo routing directly to a PA System, Amps, Audio Interfaces or anyhting you need. This deluxe version has 2 completely independent preamps and can even by used with 2 guitars.

Simplifier features two 100% true analog preamps that recreates the most popular clean channel preamps. A key part of tube amp sound is the tone stack behaviour. The tone stack on the Simplifier is based on a configurable three band classic amplifier topology, keeping the same feel, response and interaction of the original amp.

Every preamp has a three-band EQ to sculpt your sound and stereo cab simulation solutions. There are three cab sizes to choose from, two mic placement dials, presence and resonance. The power amp tubes you can choose are 6L6, EL34 or KT88.

The Simplifier DLX covers everything from chimey guitars through mid-gain oomph all the way into overdrive territory. It is an excellent pedal platform for all your stompboxes and even has his own reverb which can be mixed in every channel.

This is a B-stock product with a slightly damaged box. The pedal is  in pristine condition and works as it should.

DSM & Humboldt Simplifier DLX demo video



  • Effect: Zero Watt Dual Channel & Reverb Stereo Amp
  • Design: Analog
  • Mono/Stereo: Stereo
  • Inputs: Input, Send, Return (L+R), Thru, Aux, Footswitch
  • Outputs: 2 x XLR Out (L+R), 2 x TS (Unbalanced) (L+R), Headphones
  • Knobs: 2 x Mic Position, 2 x Presence, 2 x Resonance, 2 x Treble, 2 x Mid, 2 x Bass, 2 x Level, 2 x Gain, 2 x Mix, Phones
  • Switches: 2 x Cabinet Size, 2 x Tube type, 2 x Amp, 2 x Mode, Ground Lift, Cabsim, Spread
  • Power Supply: 9V DC, center negative
  • Power Consumption: 150 mA
  • Works on batteries: No
  • Format: Medium
  • Made in: CHL

Additional information

Weight 0,5 kg
Dimensions 13 × 9,5 × 6 cm



DSM & Humboldt




Power Amp


Mono In / Stereo Out


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